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Research Proposal

Area of interest:

University of West Florida’s squirrel community in the Art Bldg. Specifically: Squirrel commute.
·Building 82’s squirrel population is in dire need of an improved transportation system. The conditions in which they travel currently are dangerous and unacceptable. We have lost too many good floofs to air duct incidents and wire-chewing catastrophes. I propose a system of integrated squirrel highways, which appeal to both the entertainment and well-being of our building’s furry friends. This highway system would be filled with fun and enticing elements that squirrels will be drawn to and benefit from. The integration of LED acorn lights on a loop, will show the squirrels what directions are safe to go. The highway tunnels will be made from safe material and have alternative activities for squirrels to engage in, that will not result in electrocution or injury.

Potential Research Sources:
·Professors and employees within building 82, record squirrel stories and …

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